Этнацыд беларусаў?: У 2100 годзе ў Беларусі будзе 3.7 млн жыхароў

Belarus Population 2014

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March, 23rd 2014Belarus, a Eurasian landlocked country bordered by Russia, Poland, Ukraine, Latvia, and Lithuania, has an estimated 2014 population of 9.29 million.

Belarus Population 2014

Minsk is the largest city in Belarus, and is also its capital. The population of Minsk is 1.8 million people. Minsk was founded in 1067, A.D.. Currently Minsk, and Belarus in general, is leading ex-USSR states by way of urbanization. 74% of Belarus residents live in urban areas. 0.1% is the average urbanization rate in Belarus.

Ethnic Belarusians constitute approximately 84% of the total population of Belarus. Russians are the next largest ethnic group with constitutes an 8% of the population. Ukrainians and Polish residents compromise the remaining ethnic minority. While Russian is the official and main language of the country, Belarusian is also widely spoken. Yiddish, Polish, and Ukrainian are also spoken.


59% of the population claims Eastern Orthodox Christianity as their faith; Roman Catholicism and Protestantism is practiced amongst some of the percentage of residents. Judaism and Baha’i faiths are also practiced by about 4% of the Belarus population. Belarus has no official religion, but under its constitution it allows for freedom of worship and religious practice as long as they pose no harm to social or governmental institutions.

Belarus has a negative growth rate for population, and subsequently the anticipated 2020 population is 9.28 million.

Belarus Population Chart

Population History

Year Population Change
1950 7,745,000 N/A%
1960 8,190,000 5.75%
1970 9,040,000 10.37%
1980 9,659,000 6.84%
1990 10,260,000 6.22%
2000 9,981,000 -2.71%
2010 9,491,000 -4.91%

Population Projections

Year Population Change
2020 8,951,000 -5.69%
2030 8,285,000 -7.44%
2040 7,568,000 -8.66%
2050 6,802,000 -10.12%
2060 6,041,000 -11.19%
2070 5,341,000 -11.58%
2080 4,720,000 -11.63%
2090 4,195,000 -11.12%
2100 3,724,000 -11.22%

How Many People Live in Belarus Right Now?

Based on the most recent estimates, the current population is projected as:


Population Data via United Nations

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