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Belarus looks like a modern European country. Belarus has beautiful people, villages and cities, gorgeous nature. Over the past 15 years, the country has become much more beautiful and more prosperous.Obviously, the achievements it has are the result of normal evolution of society and the result of the efforts undertaken by the government as well. Not to recognize the latter means to start a dispute about what would happen if the development of the country was going the other way.

The state has invested a lot of money to support the village, which in turn led to a significant increase in quality of life of peasants and in growing of agricultural production.Contribution to the life style of peasants has changed slightly, but it should be noted that in the village there is a new category of ‘salaried’ workers, and that for seasonal work the necessary professionals from the city are mobilized through administrative resource.The share of the private sector in the economy of Belarus is small, no more than 3% in the village and around 20% in the city. It is likely that the difficulties associated with changes in the structure of economy is yet to come. Much has been made in the restoration and construction of tourist facilities, including museums and ancient abandoned palaces.

External ‘cleanness and orderare in contrast to chronic, unresolved problems in the society. There is a full Belarusian language disaster in the state – the real, equal use of native language is absent because of ​​the immoral government inactivity.On the other hand, the language issue is now noticeable even in the villages, where children speak ‘Russian trasyanka‘, which evidences a parental consent to such unnatural linguistic transformation. In part, belarusophobs ​​contribute to the slow extinction of Belarusian language.Despite the absence of an official ban on the use of the Belarusian language the manifestations of belarusophob’ activities can be observed very often (see examples above for street names in Polotsk, program of the ballet ‘Vytautas’,advertising andrailway station names, etc.) .

It is difficult to say that there is a moral unity in the Belarusian state. In the country, people are suffering for their political views. The vast majority of the Belarusian population, perhaps with the exception of youth,is not interested in the future of their country andtheir children, and live for today what probably suits them. Perhaps, an additional negative impact on tolerant Belarusians gives indifference which follows from the government vibrations between east and west. The state propaganda machine,using the old approaches of the Cold War, also contributes to that. It is possible that today’s public sentiment would be consistent with the construction of a neutral state, which in fact spelled out in Article 18 of the Constitution: ‘The Republic of Belarus has a purpose to make itsterritory of a nuclear-free zone and the neutral state’. However, the other moral principles are used in determining the direction of development of the state (the construction of ‘Stalin Lines‘, an anti-Western propaganda)which greatly postpones the opportunity for Belarus to join the family of European nations where there are different moral values.

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