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The magazine “CULTURE. NATION”, ISSN 2291-4757, was founded as an independent on-line periodical  intended to provide another platform to discuss Belarusian history and culture, and to support the development of Belaruskasć (Belarusian heritage).

The magazine presents original analytical articles, essays, discussions and comments on history, language, literature, sociology, traditions, and other topics related to the development of the Belarusian nation.

Belarusian language is the preferred language of the magazine; however, materials in other languages will also be published.

We are looking forward to hear from you on any topics related to the current and future of the Belarus and Belaruskasć.

Along with magazine articles the most interesting materials from other sources related to the Belarusian culture are also presented on the web-site www.sakavik.net.


The magazine “CULTURE. NATION” is published once in three months, the articles from other sources are published as arrived. The first issue was published on March 14, 2013. The issues #1-6 were published under the title “SAKAVIK”.

ISSN 2291-4757 was issued on March 20, 2013 by “ISSN Canada”.


Editorial board informs our readers that the magazine “Culture. Nation” will be published bi-annually starting this year (spring/autumn). The next 22nd issue will be published in October-November.

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