Piotra Murzionak: Belaruskasc and Mentality of Civilized Countries. Published in Belarusian. Web-magazine “SAKAVIK”, #4, December 2013. www.sakavik.net

Piotra Murzionak: Belaruskasc and Mentality of Civilized Countries. Published in Belarusian. Web-magazine “SAKAVIK”, #4, December 2013. www.sakavik.net

It is evident that Belarusian mentality or Belaruskasc exists for ever. However, the question is how it had changed during the last century and in what degree it correspondents to the mentality of modern society. It is clear that the development of Belaruskasc is substantially delayed due to specific conditions of being on the border line of colliding between the East and the West or between Bysantium and Rome. The episodic development of Belaruskasc in the 20th century was possible mainly due to beneficial external factors. Belarusian nation is still not established. It is very problematic that the impovement and progress in Belarusian mentality/ in Belaruskasc nowdays might be occurred in russian-speaking environment. The language problem is not only the problem of belarusian population but the problem of belarusian elite who is going to establish the strategy for mentality education for Belarusians while itself has to think in Belarusian. Despite of the country independence, solid ethnic and historical base the country is still beyond the “Berlin wall”, without any attempts to a dialogue with civilized societies.

Mentality being a key factor for nation-building is not the important issue for Belarusian state. It appears Belarus demonstates a religion intolerance providing some preferences only for Orthodox church. Belarusian government creates an environment where 91.5% of population are not interested in external and internal politics of the state at all. Additionally, Belarusians are mainly intolerant to the representatives of other ethnic groups, “unknown” religions, sexual minorities, and do not support an abondance of death penalty. Some explanation of such intolerance but not its rehabilitation might be found in the discussed phenomenon of Belarusian mental surviving which is a sort of mental instinct developed for centures of suppressions and which helped to protect a minimal level of Belaruskasc.

It is assumed that population education and even quality of life might be close to European standards but mentality. The national elite has not enough resources to support the development of required mentality level. Ideally, this is a task for the state itself. A support of external insitutions is imporatant but not conclusive. The role of electonic mass media in the development of Belaruskasc and the creation of special strategy for that are discussed.

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