Galina Tumilovich: NOT NOBEL PRIZE LAUREATE (abstract, magazine “SAKAVIK”, March 2014, issue 5, pp. 38-46)

 tulipGalina Tumilovich: NOT NOBEL PRIZE LAUREATE

(abstract, magazine “SAKAVIK”, March 2014, issue 5, pp. 38-46)


The reflections of the author caused by the nominating of Svetlana Aleksievich for the Nobel Prize 2013 in literature are presented. Reasonings of the author full of emotions (grief) are caused first of all by that the fact of Aleksievich promotion on, perhaps, most prestigious premium, has not caused as a whole the benevolent response in Belarusian information space. It appears that the popular on the West Belarusian writer was not welcomed by domestic critics (with few exceptions of the Belarusian literature key figures). The aversion of her personality was associated with her «Soviet background» as well as with the writing in Russian and in reporter style of work. The author gives a panoramic picture of Aleksievich work highlighting the most prominent subjects of her works that represent at the same time complex instants of history such as War, the Afghanistan campaign, the USSR, and Chernobyl disaster. It is explained that the Belarusian writer, perhaps, initially addressed to the western reader. Speaking about writing in Russian, it is necessary to have in view of some factors the main thing from which is that the author was born and has grown during an epoch of the USSR. During the narration-reflection the author of this essay widely mentions facts from the life experience, shares the experiences and feelings.


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