(Abstract, magazine “CULTURE, NATION”, December 2014, issue 8, pp. 81-86)

Anatoly CHRENOWSKI – the famous figure of the Belarusian emigration in North America, made this year his 80th birthday anniversary. Anatoly CHRENOWSKI was born on March 3, 1934 in Slonim, Belarus. After World War II, along with his parents forced appeared in the West, and in 1949 arrived to Montreal, Canada. Since then he lived in this city and only recently moved to the small town of Sutton, which is near the border with the United States.

Anatoly CHRENOWSKI has a wonderful family, his wife Christine, daughters, Larissa and Alena, and his sons Anton and Gregory. Family in the life of every person plays an important role. The Anatoly CHRENOWSKI family is very special as it took an active part in the life of Belarusians in Montreal and Quebec, where the leader was Anatoly CHRENOWSKI. The chief assistant for Anatoly in all Belarusian affairs is his wife, Christine. Thanks to her and to Anatoly the Belarusian language, traditions and spirit of Belarus are supported in the family.

If we talk about the social life of Anatoly Ivanovich, you need first of all to say that he is the member of the Belarusian People’s Republic. Second, thanks to his efforts 25 years ago (1989) was formed Association of Belarusians in Quebec in which he headed all the time. Thanks to his efforts, the Belarusians were presented at various important events and activities, which was attended by the people from different cultures living in Canada; in particular, it was organized the Belarusian corner in the Saint Joseph Oratorium (Montreal), the Belarusian part of the exhibition at the Museum of different cultures in Rawdon. Much has been made in favor of the Belarusians – the unity of Belarusians, organization of festivals and events, publication of the magazine “PRAMEN”, participation in political actions.

Editorial Board of magazine “CULTURE, NATION” sincerely congratulates Anatoly Ivanovich CHRENOWSKI, and wish him good health, enjoyment of life, well-being of his family, and further good deeds for the benefit of the motherland.

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