(Abstract, magazine “CULTURE, NATION”, December 2014, issue 8, pp. 58-68)

Considering the origins and problems of nationalism emergence in the 18-20 centuries, it is argued that nationalism is working on the development, protection and promotion of their nation. An analogy with animal communities is compared where the same sequence of events occurs – association in society, help in protection against various hazardous external factors, and mastering the greatest possible areas of residence. Gives The following definition of nationalism is presented: ‘Nationalism – it’s the same struggle for survival based on animal instinct of self-preservation and supported by technological progress of the human mind. “To the question how to position oneself to nationalism the answer is “in the same way as to all our animals needs (food, sleep, sex, security, etc.).”

If we ever abandon nationalism, this will lead to the result that we will lose habitat where we live, our language, our national identity. And finally, the disappearance of our Belarusian nation – it is only a matter of time. The author gives examples of different ways to destroy an ethnicity – physical, spiritual and combined. The spiritual way of destroying the Belarusian nation partly was used Poles as polonization (in 18 century, and in 20 century in the interwar period). The physical destruction of our ethnos was used by Russians spontaneously during the 13-year war in the 17th century, and specifically by Germans during the 2nd World War. The Belarusian nation was destroying our Russian neighbors via combined physical-spiritual way in the 19-20th centuries.

The current colonial expansion by more powerful states is going now on more refined scheme than the previous primitive armed intervention, namely through cultural expansion and economic dependence of neighboring weaker countries. Interrelations between Russia and Belarus today are a vivid example. In fact, the further expansion of the ‘Russian world’ will lead to physical and spiritual destruction of our people. Survival instinct in Belarusians themselves has not worked yet. If we want to survive at least physically, we must urgently begin the politics of nationalism in the state. Of course, this must be done carefully, so you do not accidentally go too far. But the delay is impossible in any case if we do not want to die out like the dinosaurs.

Categories: Асьвета, Нацыя

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