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(Abstract, magazine “CULTURE, NATION”, issue 11, September 2015, pp. 4-13)

It is discussed some issues of the existence of the Russian ethnos based on different theories of the last century, Panmangalism (Salauyou), Eurasism (Trubyatski, Gumilyou), in respect of promoting the idea of the “Russian world” today. The analysis of work of the Russian mass media aimed at justifying the restoration of the Russian empire is highlighted through the prism of a hybrid war of Russia against Ukraine. It has been suggested that in Russian society there is a demand to justify the aggressive policy. In response to this demand a variety of civil and political theories are developed, which have a scientific purpose to justify the legitimacy and necessity of the existence of Russia as an empire. Russian media have become a factory of lies, there are trolling offices in different parts of Russia those for money stamp lies, humiliation, and hatred of Ukrainians.

Categories: Асьвета, Зьнешнія адносіны, Мараль

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