Piotra Murzionak: Editorial to the 15th issue of the web-magazine “CULTURE, NATION” (“CULTURE, NATION”, Issue 15, September 2016, 100 pages)



The Magazine begins with upgraded project “The Strategy of Belarusian Nation Development”. The project includes the provisions that have been brought up for discussion since the previous issue. We continue to accept the readers’ proposals to improve the “Strategy”.

In September issue the main materials devoted to the coverage of the 32nd Convention of the Belarusians of North America, which was held in the hotel “Lord Elgin” in Ottawa from 3 to 5 September, are published.  The conventions of Belarusians take place every two years, starting from the first at Niagara Falls in 1952. They are traditionally organized by the Belarusian-Canadian Alliance (BCA) and the Belarusian-American Association (BAA). The honor of hosting of the current convention fell on Belarusians in Ottawa.

Magazine “Culture, Nation” was directly involved in the organization and holding of the 32nd Convention, which took the name of “Diaspora: National Consciousness and the Development of Civil Society and Culture.” The magazine initiated the event in Ottawa, suggested the first version of the program and format of the convention, and was one of its sponsors. The proposed by the magazine program and format was discussed and adopted by Ottawa organizing committee and then approved by the Council Board of the BCA (November 1, 2015) and agreed with the leadership of BAA.

In the 15th issue, we provide the program of 32-nd Convention, lectures and presentations (with the consent of the authors), and the Convention resolution which are in fully agreement with the direction of the magazine “Culture, Nation” activities. In particular, in the keynote lectures sounded the issues of implementation of the cultural program “Let’s be together!” (A. Makovsky), the formation and support of the Belarusian identity abroad (P. Survilla), analysis of historical and future aspects of the development of the Belarusian identification (G. Tumilovich).

Most of the speeches in the debate concerning the problems of the Belarusian diaspora in the US and Canada were devoted to: summarizing activities of  BINIM Canada over the last fifty years (Z. Gimpelevich), the creation of English-language information space between Belarus and the United States (V. Bortnik), the art of embroidery (I. Varabei) , the nature of relations between the Belarusians abroad (P. Murzionak), the possible establishment of Belarusian museum in the North America (V. Stankevich), the need to support financially and by the correspondent participation to the diaspora newspaper “Belarus” (H. Surmach).

Scientific and cultural events that took place at the event held in accordance with the program. The meeting was attended by about 90 people from the cities of Belarus, Canada and the United States – Ottawa, Washington, Grodno, Cleveland, Montreal, Minsk, Naples (Florida), Toronto, New York, Philadelphia. The congratulations were sent from the Prime Minister of the Province of Ontario, Kathleen Wynne, and from the Minister of Canadian Heritage, Melanie Joli.

Immediately hailed the meeting – Bishop Sviataslau, the Primate BAOC; Ivonka Survilla, President of the BNR Rada; David Kilgour, former MP of the Canadian Parliament; Keith Egli, Deputy of the city council; Andris Kesteris, representative of the Latvian and Baltic diasporas; Stanislaw Zaborowski, representative of the Polish diaspora; Nikolai Bilaniuk, representative of the Ukrainian diaspora; Zjanon Pazniak, chairman of the Conservative Christian Party; Yuri Akula, a participant of meeting from Montreal; participants listened to a video message from Sergei Paniznik.

During the meeting the following cultural events were held: the boat trip on the Ottawa river, meeting in a bar with bard Vladimir Shalkevich, visit to the Canadian Parliament, poetry evening with Yuri Chametka and Piotra Murzionak; in each of these events has been involved up to 50 guests. 32th Convention had the great success because of the friendly team of Ottawa’ Belarusians; the team was being prepared during the year and kept the event in dignity until the end.

In the interview, Piotra Murzionak, the author of the book “Ways of the Development of the Belarusian Nation” (published in August 2016), answers to the questions of Sergei Kondratenko, a spokesman for “World Association of Belarusians” Fatherland” (“Backaushchyna”). The book examines the problems of development of the Belarusian nation, involved in the theoretical foundations of the construction of the Belarusian state, the development strategy of the Belarusian nation, the mentality of the Belarusians, the relationship of nation and freedom, of the church and the nation, justified the existence of the East Slavic Belarusian-Ukranian civilization and others. The book consists of thematic articles published by the author in the magazine “Culture, Nation” during the last three years (2013-2016, № 1-14; http://www.sakavik.net) and it is intended for readers who are interested in the construction of the Belarusian nation in the modern world.

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