Editorial (magazine “CULTURE, NATION”, March 2017, issue 17, pp. 4-7) Piotra Murzionak: Preface to the 17th issue of “Culture, Nation”, March 2017

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Editorial (magazine “CULTURE, NATION”, March 2017, issue 17, pp. 4-7)

Piotra Murzionak: Preface to the 17th issue of “Culture, Nation”, March 2017

Dear readers!

Editorial Board congratulates you on the Day of Freedom – 2017. The celebration took place this year in Belarus under extremely adverse conditions. States have included the repressive apparatus to stifle free expression of ideas, and to debase the Belarusians who are fighting for the establishment of democracy in the country and for the formation of conditions for the building of the Belarusian nation. We wish freedom to our people and to our country. Long Live Belarus!

It is a pleasure to note that the Editorial Board of the magazine “Culture Nation” enriched by two members – Mrs. Wolga Ipatava and Mr. Sergey Paniznik. We sincerely hope that so well-known and respected writers and public figures make the magazine activity in the Belarusian ether even more visible and bright.

As before, every issue of the magazine begins with the “Strategy of development of the Belarusian nation”. “The Strategy” is supplemented now by the proposals of Asipovichy friends of the Belarusian Language Society. Most of the members of the organization (20 of 24 friends) agree with the basic provisions of “Strategy”. We invite other readers to send their comments and suggestions to improve the content of “Strategy” at: chasopis.sakavik@hotmail.com.

Please pay attention to a survey on the neutrality of Belarus; the survey is located on our website www.sakavik.net. The neutrality of Belarus is one of the defining moments of  “Strategy”. We would be grateful if you can find a few minutes to express their attitude regarding the possibility of a neutral state of Belarus.

We ask organizations who basically agree with the provisions of “Strategy”, to join the implementation of its tasks. At present, the following organizations are already joined to it: the magazine “Culture, Nation”, the Belarusian Language Society.

In this issue, a comparative overview of the events which took place during the first and the last the country’s independence periods (1917-1923 and 1988-1994, respectively) is presented. In both cases, the declaration of independence did not lead to a positive ending – the building of the real national state. So, the statehood took place, but the real nation-state, unfortunately, has not yet been established. It was of interest to look at the beginning and the end of the XX century in order to analyze the positive and negative moments, the balance of which was not in favor of the full implementation of the national idea. A comparative analysis was also prompted by the defeat of the national-democratic forces in the past two decades, the causes of these failures have a fairly common with those that occurred during the first and the last declaration of independence. The analysis finds a number of similarities in those periods, which include a great desire in the realization of the national idea created by favorable historical conditions, and, at the same time, the lack of an overall strategy and unity in the approach to the solution of the national ideas as well as a non-critical support for national ideas by Belarusian population.

We can agree with Mr. A. Milinkevich, that we need to do homework on the failures not only that happened in December 2010, but for all of the latest period (1990-2017). It is a hope that constructive criticism made in the review might be useful for those Belarusian leaders who have not yet found the opportunity to unite and carry out the implementation of their ideas and tasks within the overall common strategy. Such a strategy must yet been agreed aiming to use it in the practice for national education of the population, since education has a key to the construction of the nation-state. A feature of the solution of the national idea in Belarus is that it should be carried out simultaneously with the solution of political and democratic issues.

The magazine contains a brief summary (annotations) of two books published in Pastavy region by Jan Draunitski “Belarusian teachers’ seminary in Pastavy”. 1942 – 1944 – “Sumezza”, Pastavy, 2016, 104 p. and by Vadim Shyshko “Belarusian army of 2004 period. Look from inside”. Logvinau, Minsk, 2016, 145 p. The output of these books written by local people suggests that the Belarusian people gradually awakened – that’s a good sign for the future of Belarus.

At the end of the magazine the most important calendar dates in April and May and over 2017 year are placed.

Enjoy your reading.


Piotra Murzionak 

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