Natalia Barkar: The web-magazine “CULTURE, NATION” Activity in 2012-2017 (Abstract, magazine “CULTURE, NATION”, June 2017, issue 18, pp.77-81)

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Natalia Barkar: The web-magazine “CULTURE, NATION” Activity in 2012-2017

(Abstract, magazine “CULTURE, NATION”, June 2017, issue 18, pp.77-81)

The web-magazine “CULTURE, NATION”, ISSN 2291-4757, was founded in Ottawa, Canada in December 2012 as an independent on-line periodical intended to provide another platform to discuss Belarusian history and culture, and to support the development of Belaruskasć (Belarusian heritage and identity). The magazine “CULTURE, NATION” is published once in three months. The web-magazine is the organic part of web-site Along with magazine articles the most interesting materials from other sources related to the Belarusian culture are presented on the web-site. Editorial Board of magazine: Editor and Founder – Piotra Murzionak, Board members:  Natalia Barkar, Wolga Ipatava, Viktoryja Kazlova, Sjarhei Paniznik, Halina Tumilovich.

Altogether, during 4 years and 3 months about 800 hundreds posts were published on the web-site on the following topics: Advertisements, Personals, Enlightment/Education, Magazine’s Library, History, External affairs, Culture, Literature, Morality, Language, Nation, Belarusians, project “Together” (“РАЗАМ”), Religion, Editorial, Theatre, Ethnocide of Belarusians. Almost 15 thousands visitors from 109 countries have read its materials (mean average about 3600 visitors per year). We are proud that more than 56% of our readers originate from our homeland, Belarus. Then follow Canada with 13.3%, Russia – 6.7%, USA – 6.5%).

During 2013-2017, seventeen (17) issues of the magazine were published involving twenty three (23) authors and eighty four (84) articles.  The first issue was published on March 14, 2013. The issues ##1-6 were published under the title “SAKAVIK” then starting from #7 the title of magazine was changed by decision of Editorial Board to “Culture, Nation”. The magazine “CULTURE, NATION” highlighted the problems of the development of the Belarusian nation related to the theoretical foundations of the construction of the Belarusian state; the development strategy of the Belarusian nation; the mentality of the Belarusians; interrelationship between nation and freedom as well as nation and church; existence of the East Slavic (Belarusian-Ukrainian) civilization; and others.

The magazine covers some specific events: On November 23, 2014, on-line Skype discussion was organized regarding “The Nation-Building in Post-soviet Countries: Commonalities and Differences” with participants from Ukraine, Georgia, Belarus, and Canada. The magazines conducted a few statistical studies regarding an estimation of Belarusians’ population in diaspora and migration processes of Belarusians to Canada.  In September’ issue 2016, the main materials covered the 32nd Convention of the Belarusians of North America that was held in the hotel “Lord Elgin” in Ottawa (September 3-5, 2016).

The magazine initiated the project “The Strategy of the Belarusian Nation Development”; this project was published in February 6, 2016 for a further public discussion. The magazine created the Slides Library “BELARUS FOREVER” and more than 60 short educational materials within the project “Together/ RAZAM”. We are searching a support from Belarusian community in the web-magazine activities and we expect substantial improving in the work of editorial board.

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