Calendar of important events in the life of the Belarusians in 2017 (“CULTURE. NATION”, September 2017, issue 19, pp.72-75;



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 1155 years of Polotsk (in 862 mentioned in the “Chronicle of Bygone Years”)

950 years of Minsk (in 1067 mentioned in the “Chronicle of Bygone Years”)

655 years ago, in 1362, troops of the Grand Duchy of Lithuania, led by Alherd defeated the combined forces of the Golden Horde on the river Blue Water

500 anniversary of Belarusian book printing – in 1517 Frantsisk Skaryna printed the first Belarusian-language book “Psaltyr”

490 years since the birth of Konstantin V. Astrorzsky  (1527-1608)

400 years since the founding of gymnasium in Slutsk (1617), one of the oldest secondary schools in Belarus (from 1788 public evangelical school, a school district in 1809, in 1827 high school, in 1868 – 1918 Classical Gymnasium)

375 years since the birth of Abukhovich Theodore (1642 – 1707), writer, memoirist, a statesman of the Grand Duchy of Lithuania

255 years ago ballet school was founded in Grodno ((1762, it existed until 1785)

165 years ago, in 1852, theater placed in Minsk the first Belarusian opera “The Maid” (“Idyll”) (music by S. Manyushka, K. Kryzhanouskaga, libretto by V. Dunin-Marcinkevich)

155 years since the publication (1862) of Belarusian primer (ABC) published in Warsaw by A.U.Askerka 

135 years since the birth of the great poets of the Belarusian people, the classics of the national literature – Yanka Kupala, Yakub Kolas 110 years ago (1907) in Vilnius publishing house “Nasha Niva” was established (existed till 1914)

110 years ago (1907) the first Belarusian theater troupe I. Bujnitskaga was created

 100 years from the 1st ​​All-Belarusian Congress (December 1917)


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