Piotra Murzonak: Francishak Skaryna – the Person of Belarus European (“CULTURE. NATION”, September 2017, issue 19, p.28-37; www.sakavik.net)

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 Five centuries have passed since that time, when Francishak, son of Luka Skaryna from Polatsk, printed the first Belarusian book in Prague. Honor for Belarusians to have in their inheritance of such a giant and educator, pioneer and innovator, which is in the Belarusian and East European History Francishak Skaryna. His figure is so high that we can not take offense when a piece of his fame want to borrow our neighbors, however, its very life and the fulfillment of the basic undoubtedly belong to Belarus. Retrospective analysis of the era in which our countryman lived and worked claims, in terms of current understanding of the nation and the nation-state, that F. Skaryna and identified himself as Belarusian. Yes, in those days he could be Litvin and Ruthen and Russian, but today he is for us the Belarusian and the Belarusian of the European value. His europeaness contributes to the gradual return of our country to Europe, even that do not like those statesmen and scholars looking at the Eurasian side.

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