Discussion “The Nation Building and Modernity – 2015-2017” “Strategy of the Belarusian Nation Development”(updated up to December 15, 2017). (“CULTURE. NATION”, December 2017, issue 20, pp.9-13; www.sakavik.net )

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“The Strategy of the Belarusian Nation Development” was firstly published in the magazine “CULTURE, NATION” in March 2016 (issue 13, pp. 27-34). In every issue of the magazine we provide updated version of “The Strategy”. The aim of “the Strategy” is to build a neutral, national state in which absolutely equal rights will have representatives of national minorities and representatives of predominant ethnicity – Belarusians. The Strategy includes tasks, approaches and resources to realize the national idea. We are grateful to all people participating in the discussion. Naturally, the magazine is waiting for new comments, so that as much as possible to improve “the Strategy”. The text of “the Strategy” was distributed among the delegates of the 7th Congress of Belarusians of the World (July 15-16, 2017; Minsk), and the delegates of the 13th Congress of Association of Belarusian Language (TBM, October 27, 2017; Minsk).

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