9 Sweet Facts About Belarusian Women

The Belarusian women. They astonish, surprise and charm. They dress like models, work full time, come home to take care of their family. 

Here are some facts that will help you understand Belarusian women better and explain why Belarusian men must be the luckiest in the whole world!

1. They are beautiful and incredibly charming

When someone tells you that the Belarusian women are the most beautiful, they really mean it. The first thing each and every person coming to the blue-eyed country notices is the striking beauty of its women.


No wonder Belarusian men are often to be spoiled by the treasure they are surrounded by day in day out.

2. They are also smart!

Very smart. Belarusian women are tall, have perfect figure and long hair, and one can think about nothing else but their beauty when she is in front of you.

But then she starts talking about economics, latest news or about her desire to run a restaurant someday. Most of the women in Belarus study at universities and are aware of the latest trends in different fields. So its not only about looks!

In Belarus there are many women in top managerial positions and in politics. In fact, Belarus can rival many advanced countries in this respect.

3. They are superwomen capable of anything

A Belarusian woman meets the deadlines, brings up children, keeps the house and looks like a superstar at the same time. How does she do that?


4. They are strong long-livers

The average life expectancy of women in Belarus is 77 years, almost ten years more than of men.

401 women in Belarus are centenarians, four of them are over 115 years old!

5. They are tall

Belarusians are in the list of the top nations with the tallest women, their average height being 166 cm.

6. They are caring wives and mothers

Many Belarusian women are marriage-oriented and value family relationship highly.

They are taught to respect gender roles when a man is considered to be the breadwinner and a woman does the main share in the housework and brings up children. It’s quite a rare trait nowadays, but may be very appealing to some.


There is high pressure upon Belarusian women in what regards marriage, especially from the family and other distant relatives. The older a girl gets, the more frequently she is told it is necessary to find a husband before she turns 30.

If she doesn’t succeed to find him before that special deadline, the whole family will start to panic!

7. They are different from Russian and Ukrainian women

While the three nations obviously have much in common, the women’s characters have some differences.

Belarusian girls and women tend to be more independent from men and have more style than their counterparts in Russia and Ukraine. They are also more determined, always willing to advance and win more than they have at present!

8. Belarusian babushkas are something!


There is a special type of a Belarusian woman – a Belarusian babushka.

Every Belarusian has their 1-2 personal babushkas, or grannies, who bake them apple pies and knit socks. You can see these lovely old women everywhere; usually wearing bright kerchiefs, going to church and selling things in the streets.

9. Superstitions everywhere

Belarusian women are often superstitious – even about the number of flowers they are given!

It is not advised to give a woman a bouquet with an even number of flowers. Unmarried girls would not sit at the corner of the table or try a wedding dress on for fun.

Young Belarusian mothers would hide their babies from strangers because, you know, someone might cast an evil spell on them!

Pictures: TUT.BY, etobelarusdetka.

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