Jerzy Grzybowski: Belarusians in Warsaw during the German Occupation (1939-1945) (magazine “CULTURE. NATION”, April 2019, issue 23, p. 36-46,

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 One of the centers of the Belarusian national movement during the Second World War was Warsaw. The bulk of Belarusians in the Polish capital were former Polish soldiers, who in 1939 were in German captivity. Meanwhile, the engine of national life was the figures of the Belarusian – Polish pre-war residents of the state. Among the local activists were: Mikalaj Shchors, Mikalaj Zhdanovich, Ivan Stankevich, priest Vincent Hadleuski and others. Political and international situation during the war contributed to the revitalization of national-cultural activity of Belarusians in German-occupied territories. As a result, in Warsaw, it was created the Belarusian Committee of the General of Province, which is patronized by local Belarusians. In addition, the elementary school worked, the Orthodox and Roman Catholic parishes acted. Cultural, educational and religious activities of Belarusians in Warsaw were visible at home.

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