Igar Prakapovich: Varanetsky agricultural school  (abstract, magazine “CULTURE. NATION”, December 2019, issue 24, p. 125-136, www.sakavik.net)

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Varanetsky agricultural school was established thanks to inspiration and financial support by Prince Vladimir Drutski-Lyubetski – owner of Mankavichi and Kazlouschyna villages that in Postavy district, Vitebsk province. The school, which operated from 1909 to 1915, was situated on the hills between the lakes Varanets, Douza and Myadzelka river. In October 1914, there were 64 students at the school. The article describes the learning process, students’ life and history of the creation and existence of the building, which in our days is presented only in broken bricks and foundations.

Categories: Асьвета, Гісторыя, Культура

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