Jerzy Grzybowski: Ales Makhnouski (1902-1967) (abstract, magazine “CULTURE. NATION”, December 2019, issue 24, p. 22-37,

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Ales Makhnouski (1902-1967), Belarusian public figure and educator, belongs to the famous Belarusian national activists, who came from Latgale (Latvia). He graduated from Belarusian teacher’ courses in Dzvinsk in 1923 and worked as a teacher in several Belarusian schools in Latgale (1923-1934). In 1941-1944, he was the member of Belarusian National Committee in Latvia and worked as a school inspector. After WWII, he migrated to the USA where he was the member of the Rada BNR and an activist in Belarusian organizations.

Categories: Асьвета, Гісторыя, Культура

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