Vital Zajka: Where is Belarusian Historiography Headed, or is Belarusian Teleology Possible? (abstract) (web-magazine “Kultura. Natsyja”, issue 27, April 2021, 16-26,

The author of the article attempts to review the issue of why within Belarusian historiography, to this point and whether this be perceived conscientiously or not, lurks the old Russian-centered system of coordinates rather than viewing the majority of events and phenomena from a Belarusian-centered point of view. Why are such matters viewed from other analyses that gravitate toward Russia or some other abstract general human positions stressing denationalization rather than from the perspective of interests and desires existing within Belarusian territory itself? This matter is simply related to teleology, i. e. the sum total of purposes which seeks to pursue the creation and development of historiography, in this case – the matter of Belarusian historiography. At the present time the official historiography of Belarus, tied to the country’s state structures, continues to be almost fully subservient to the canons of past Soviet historiography and newly borrowed analyses of Russian historians, most of whom exist and function under the influence of chauvinistic ideology. On the other hand, a string of historians and authors, who write on historical themes, stand outside of today’s official historiography of Belarus and non-critically borrow from the analyses and tendency being demonstrated by leftist liberal sources within today’s Free World.  It is becoming abundantly clear that there is an acute need for an independent Belarusian-centered point of view regarding historic events and phenomena developing within Belarus which any independent country and sovereign nation must and can have for itself. The true need to formulate a Belarusian-centered historiology and nation-minded memory has been brought out by the latest events in Belarus when Belarusians en masse have stepped out in protest against their government’s falsified election results. They have chosen and used their own symbols against their governing regime that perpetrated falsified presidential elections and continues to erroneously defile those symbols, casting defamatory charges onto the history of the Belarusian Independent Movement.

Categories: Гісторыя, Культура, Нацыя Беларусы

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