Christian sermon by Yurka Rapiecki: “If My people… humble Themselves” (webzine “Kultura. Natsyja”, issue 28, November 2021, 290-295,

It was during Solomon’s reign over Israel that God spoke to this king who completed the building of the temple of worship. God stated that if his people (the Israelites of that time) would humble themselves, turn to Him in prayer and seek God’s will, He would hear their cry, forgive their sins and heal their land. God also forewarned them that if they would wander away from him, then they would know nothing but trouble and hard times. Solomon’s reign as king started well but towards the end of it he changed and stopped listening to God. As a result his nation suffered and even the temple was destroyed by a foreign power. This should serve as a worthy lesson to Belarusians, namely, to humble themselves before God, turn from any known sins, pray and ask for God’s intervention into their country’s affairs. When a significant amount within any people group do this, God answers their pleas, blesses them and heals their land. This sermon calls Belarusians to take seriously the words that were spoken to the Israelites of Solomon’s day and follow God’s ways for his blessings to be poured on their country and nation.

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