BTI 2014 | Belarus Country Report

This report is part of the Bertelsmann Stiftung’s Transformation Index (BTI)
2014. It covers the period from 31 January 2011 to 31 January 2013. The BTI
assesses the transformation toward democracy and a market economy as well
as the quality of political management in 129 countries. More on the BTI at

Please cite as follows: Bertelsmann Stiftung, BTI 2014 — Belarus Country
Report. Gütersloh: Bertelsmann Stiftung, 2014.
This work is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 International

Key Indicators Population M 9.5  HDI 0.793 GDP p.c. $ 15592.3 Pop. growth (1) % p.a. -0.1
HDI rank of 187 50 Gini Index 26.5 Life expectancy years 70.7 UN Education Index 0.866
Poverty(3) % 0.1 Urban population % 75.4 Aid per capita $ 8.8


Categories: Зьнешнія адносіны, Мараль, Нацыя Беларусы

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