On the 85th Anniversary of Uladzimir Karatkevich. Recall by V. Ipatawa.

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(Abstract, magazine “CULTURE, NATION”, issue 11, September 2015, pp. 34-39)

This year would have turned 85 years of life, one of the most talented Belarusian writers – Uladzimir Sjamjonavich Karatkevich. He was born on November 26, 1930 in Orsha. Vladimir Karatkevich – classic of Belarusian literature, which left its mark in all genres – poetry, prose, drama, journalism, translation. On Wikipedia placed details of life and creation about Karatkevich starting with the origin and childhood, post-war period, years of study and work in Kiev, and the heyday of his talent in Minsk. The most famous his works: Chazenia, The Eye of the Typhoon, From Past Ages, Unforgettable, The Dark Castle Olshansky, King Stakh’s Wild Hunt. The following documentaries were created about Karatkevich: ‘Was. There. Will’, ‘Memories’ and ‘Knight and Servant of Belarus’.
Editors of the magazine ‘CULTURE, NATION’ puts on their pages the name of U. Karatkevich on the Board of the National Heroes. Belarusian poet and writer V. Ipatava presented the remembrance article about the famous Belarusian.

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