Piotra Murzionak: The 105th Anniversary of Larissa Heniyush

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(Abstract, magazine “CULTURE, NATION”, issue 11, September 2015, pp. 28-33)

Larisa Heniyush, Belarusian poet, novelist and social activist, was born in 1910 in Grodno region in Belarus (nee Miklashevich (July 27, 1910). She graduated from high school in Volkovysk, Belarus in 1928. She married a Janka Heniyush and in 1937 she moved to Prague, where her husband studied and then worked as a doctor. They lived in Prague from 1937 to 1947. In Prague, she communicated with the Belarusian emigration, participated in the BDR government in exile. Since 1943 she became the General Secretary of the Government in exile and engaged in conservation and ordering of the archive of the BDR. In March 5, 1948 she was arrested in Prague, and in February 1949, the Supreme Court of the BSSR sentenced Larissa Heniyush to 25 years in prison camps together with her husband. In 1956, she and her husband were partly rehabilitated. After the liberation they settled at the homeland of her husband in Zelve, Grodno region where she died in 1983. While being in the USSR she refused to accept Soviet citizenship and remained a citizen of Czechoslovakia. The tragic fate befell other relatives of her family (Miklashevich): When the Red Army in 1939, joined the Western Belarus, the father of Larissa Anton Miklashevich was shot, and his mother and two sisters were deported to Kazakhstan. His mother died in Kazakhstan (1945); her brother Arkady was a soldier of Anders Army and died in July 27, 1944 in the Battle of Monte Kasyn in Italy; second brother, Rostislav, died 26 (28?) in April 1945 near Berlin when serving in the Kosciuszko army.
Editors of the magazine ‘CULTURE, NATION’ puts on their pages the name of Larisa Heniyush on the Board of the National Heroes.
Translation of Larisa Heniyush poem “Pray” into English (by P. Murzionak) included in the article.

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