Letter by Piotra Murzionak, the President of the Belarusian Institute of Arts and Sciences in Canada (BINIM), to the members of the Institute                            (Abstract, magazine“CULTURE, NATION”, December 2017, issue 20, p.61-66)

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Dear friends of BINIM!

First than to present my vision of the Institute’  activities in the near future, I want to congratulate you and your families with the upcoming New Year holidays and wish you happiness, health and success!


In 2017, the Institute was filled with significant events. It included a significant expansion of the circle of friends of the Institute, now we have 28 members, the celebration of the 50th anniversary of BINIM, which was held concurrently with the General meeting of the Institute (September 2, 2017, Toronto), and our participation in the work of the Canadian Congress of Humanities and Social Studies (May 27-29, 2017, Ryerson University, Toronto).

Saying about the most important things in the Insitute’ life I would like to concentrate your attention to the words “charity, sacrifice, and enthusiasm” as they are the foundation of the Institute. I believe that the feeling of being close working with creative, and sacrifieced people must multiply our internal forces. Working together, individually and in groups, we can embrace much more within the Institute. It seems that we should be grateful to each other for support in an effort to create and support the Belarusian culture and science here in Canada, far from our homeland. Regarding our financial resources, however, we know that the membership dues may not be enough, if the project to be supported is serious. Traditionally, everyone knows that money can be obtained from sponsors, patrons, provincial and federal agencies. I will not discover “america” – we need to do it as well.

The proposed action in the near future are: to collect membership fees for 2017 and possibly for 2018, to prepare BINIM Charter in the Belarusian Latin alphabet (first half of 2018), to create a gallery of members of the Institute (with their consent) with pictures and brief information about the most important creative achievements and plans on our website (first half 2018), to popularize our Institute activities.

That are, briefly, my first thoughts about the immediate prospects of BINIM. I could not relate to the plans of each of the BINIM member, however, I think, you will willingly share about all your activities on the web site of the Institute (the 100th anniversary of the BNR, concerts, festivals, exhibitions, presentations, academic conferences).

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