Piotra Murzionak: Still living the Belarusian village. Comments on the books of Jazep Kwach (Abstract, magazine“CULTURE, NATION”, December 2017, issue 20, p.51-60)

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My comments are about my compatriot and a very sincere person as this feeling, sincerity, came from his letters, and it is even more intensified when I learned from Mr. Jazep Kwach’ books recently published. Those books are: “Prydzisnenskia prypeuki” (folklor songs), “I love you” (poems), and “Kwachy Kwachamy” (memoires). His books are about the small homeland, a small, but our favorite part of the lovely and beautiful Belarus. It should be noted that all three books by Yazep Kwach were published with the support of Glybokaie organization of the Belarusian Language Society (TBM). This is a very good sign that the Belarusian grassroutes are still there that there are people who speak and think in Belarusian, and thereby give up hope that the Belarusian character will exist not only in rural areas but also in all Belarusian region.

Categories: Літаратура, Нацыя Беларусы

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