Igar Prakapovich: Expedition to “Kryzhouki” (Pastavy region, Belarus) (magazine “CULTURE, NATION”, November 2018, issue 22, p.51-56, http://www.sakavik.net)

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In this year, as in the previous one, we received interesting information from Pastavy region sent by Igar Prakapovich, a well-known local historian, teacher, poet and writer. I. Prakapovich takes an active role in raising children with their love for their land and with their knowledge of the history of his small homeland. This time, he describes an expedition with students in the natural and historical complex “Kryzhouki”, located near the lake Douza and Varanets bordering Myadzel region. As a result of the research it was able to collect additional material and to determine the possible creation of tourist routes.

Categories: Культура, Праект "РАЗАМ"

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