Some events of cultural life of Belarusian organizations abroad in 2018  (magazine “CULTURE, NATION”, November 2018, issue 22, p. 57–73,

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In the section devoted to the events of cultural life of Belarusian organizations, a number of information is provided: about the celebration of the 70th anniversary of the Canadian Belarusian Association (ZBK), about performance dedicated to Larisa Heniyush, which was held in Toronto in April 2018, a poetic and musical party in Ottawa in September and presentation of book of poems “Kolery” (“Colours”), about various holidays in Irkutsk, “Kamaedzitsa”, “Pakrovy”, “Dzjady”, sent by Aleg Rudakou. What makes Mr. Rudakov in Irkutsk is an outstanding example for many Belarusians not only abroad but also at homeland. We know that a lot of cultural, traditional festivals held in different parts of Belarus – the magazine “Culture. Nation” will be happy to publish any information about these Belarusian events.

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