Abstract: Igar Prakapovich – Teraz (Tsieraz) (web-magazine “Kultura. Natsyja”, N26, December 2020, p.103-107, www.sakavik.net)

In northwestern Belarus we see a series of names with the base or prefix ofTeraz (Tsieraz). In Miadzielskij region we have oneestate named Tsieraz near Navasiolak; in Sharkaushchina we see noted on an old Russian map Tieriespol’ and Tieriespol’ye; in Astravieshchina – Tieriezdvor. We meet up with surnames with this base or prefix: Teraz, Tsierashkievich? Tsierashkovich, Tsiareshka. The roots of these names stem from 3 historical sources. We know that the Greeks had their God of Fertility and Wealth – Tsieraz,  – the “brother” of the Slavic Kupala. In ancient Rome we find the widely known cult of the Goddess of Fields and Toiling of Soil – Tserery.  In every case we find the name or surnameof Teras.In recent times the feminine name Tereza has been widely used. Perhaps the name of Teraz (Tsieraz) changed in Ukraine to Taras, in Belarus to Tsiaren’. It probably came from Pre-Dunajski Regions. The name of Teras was extremely popular during the dynasty of kings of the Tribe of Frakis. According to his research work, Z. Archibald laid out 5-generational line of theirpeople.This name is mentioned 4 times. Even though these historical events took place centuries ago and far from our places of dwelling, their historic footprints have remained among us in the form of ethnic toponyms.

Categories: Гісторыя, Культура

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