Vital Voranau: Pipers-Bear Trainers from Hlybokaye

(webzine “Kultura. Natsyja”, issue 28, December 2021, 14-25,

Vital Voranau’s article Pipers-Bear Trainers from Hlybokaye reveals the previously unknown history of bear training that took place in Hlybokaye and Hlybotskaye Region. The author shows that historical county jesters with their dancing bears deserve as much attention as has been granted to the “Smarhonski Academics.” Many sources testify to the practice of having bears perform dances as an extremely popular form of entertainment before crowds of onlookers. Such activities were conducted in Hlybokaye Region, also in Smarhon where it was closely tied with the Zyanovich and Radzivil households.

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Categories: Асьвета, Культура

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