Vital Voranau: Continuity of Tradition and Uniting Power of Culture Through the Belarusian Duda (Bagpipe)

(webzine “Kultura. Natsyja”, issue 28, November 2021, 26-39,

Pointing to various examples, the author shows that the historical tradition of playing the Belarusian bagpipe has not been nullified, as often is assumed. Between 1951 and towards the end of 1970’s the Belarusian bagpipe continued to be seen within Belarusian culture in various forms outside of purely musical performances, such as in dances, literary texts, artistic works and national legends. As testified by a whole array of unfairly forgotten artists, by the end of the 20th century the Belarusian bagpipe was again raised to its high professional level of recognition. We presently are seeing a deepening resurgence of Belarusian tradition, a return to authentic traditional forms of playing musical instruments, techniques in musical forms and other important ethnographic aspects that have been traditionally associated with the Belarusian bag pipe.

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