Vinshuem Jubiljarau – Kipel, Paniznik, Kenka. “Kultura.Natsyja”. N29, krasavik 2022, 14-15.

Congratulatory Greetings to celebrants:

Vitavt Kipel – 90, Sergey Paniznik – 80, Mikhas Kenko – 75

(webmagazine Kultura-Natsyja,” Issue 29, April 2022, 14-15,

The 29th issue of “Kultura. Natsiya” journal begins with congratulatory greetings to noted celebrants which this year include: Vitavt Kipel – having reached 90 years old, Sergey Paniznik – having reached 80 years old, Mikhas Kenko – having reached 75 years old. The literary works created by these persons in relation to Belarusian affairs is being noted not only outside of Belarus (their native land) but also within her borders. Belarus continues to be for them the centre of great eternal love and unjustifiable pain. These outstanding folks are the ones who little by little, brick upon brick, continue to raise the building of our national state. The editors express sincere congratulations to these celebrants, wishing them excellent health and greater creative success. Their activities are presented in this article which include their life stories and autobiographical notes in the form of interviews.

Поздравления юбилярам:

Витовту Кипелю – 90, Сергею Панизьнику – 80, Михасю Кеньку – 75! (веб-журнал «Культура. Нация», вып. 29, Апрель 2022, 14-15, )

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