Ales Simakou: “Belarusian-Indian comparative studies: the main categories of ethnocultural ‘archaics’” (webzine “Kultura.Natsyja”, issue 31, April 2023, 170-190,

Abstract. This material continues with a new set of data the series that began with the text “Belarusian-Indian comparative studies: the most important non-ethnographic rubrics” in No. 30 of the magazine “Kultura. Natsyia” (Culture. Nation”) (2022). This communication is an annotated collection of quotations of the main groups comparing the realities of Belarus and Indian America in the range of spiritual and, to a less extent, material culture. The groups are arranged in alphabetical order. Undoubted primacy in terms of the number and volume of comparisons belongs to the topics of paganism and Christianization, wedding ceremonies, and marriage. Also, popular topics are attitudes to death, collectivism, peace-loving, honesty, peasants’ low propensity to commit crimes, and other ethnopsychology topics.

Contents: general (historiography); knowledge about the world; wedding; colonization of Belarus (the fate of empires); material culture (bows, copper products, trumpet, tomahawk); paganism; tribes; races and the name Belarus (assimilation, ethnogenesis); death and burial as well as health and hygiene; dance and rituals with its elements; Christianization; economy (collective work, gathering); expansionism and conquista (conquest); ethnozoology and ethnobotany; ethnopsychology; ethnoecology.

Categories: Зьнешнія адносіны, Культура, Нацыя

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