Tatyana Kenko: THE GREAT FORGOTTEN WAR TO KNOW AND REMEMBER. WORLD LITERATURE ABOUT THE FIRST WORLD WAR (continuation of the topic, beginning in “KN”, No. 30) (webzine “Culture. Nation”, issue 31, April 2023, 191-221, www.sakavik.net)    


Abstract. The Second Patriotic War… That is how the outbreak of war was called in 1914. There was another name – the Great European War. Then, in 1918, it will be called the World War, and after 1941 – the First World War. The First World War lasted 1,568 days and nights, covering 3 continents. 38 states with a total population of 1.5 billion people took part in it (in one way or another). Losses were huge – 10 million killed and died from wounds, 20 million wounded. Until now, traces of a continuous 400-kilometer front line that cut Belarus in 1915-1917 to the living are visible in the forests of our country. However, the events of these days were almost unknown to us. Stories, poems, novels were written, but almost never published. True, some things could be learned in fragments from novels devoted to the civil war. So, that nothing interesting was written at all? On the contrary the attitude towards this period was different in world literature. We will try to restore this gap for our readers using the data from the Internet and the catalog of the Central City Children’s Hospital in Minsk. We recommend that you pay special attention to the selection of materials “Front-line writers”


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