Piotra Murzionak: CHURCH AND NATION

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Piotra Murzionak: CHURCH AND NATION
(Abstract, magazine “CULTURE, NATION”, June 2015, issue 10, pp. 6-13)

Each of the churches \ confessions alone could have a positive impact on the individual level in the maintenance of appropriate morality and mentality, which should be the basis of the nation. However, the church today is not the important institution of nation-building, and does not contribute to its strengthening and unity. Various churches stand on top of the nation \ state, for objective or subjective reasons sow enmity between faiths and do not take into account the interests of non-believers and atheists.

Despite the fact that a significant part of the population (58.9%) belongs to this or that church, the number of active members, according to various surveys, is rather low (20-27%). Together with a significant share of non-believers in the country (41.1%), and taking into account the current trend to reduction of the role of the Church in the daily life of citizens, a possible church support in the state \ nation-building in the future seems to be low.

The Orthodox Church is an influential church in Belarus, however, its role in the society deliberately exaggerated. According to various polls, Orthodoxy covers less than half of the population of Belarus: the country has 27 confessions with a total of 3210 religious communities, including 1567 religious communities (48.8%) which belong to the Orthodox Church; the proportion of Orthodox among the total population is 48.9%.

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