Katsjaryna Muzychenka, Larysa Skrypko, Igar Prakapovich: Organ culture of the Postavy  region    (abstracts) (web-magazine “Culture. Nation”, issue 25, April 2020, pp.47-59,  www.sakavik.net)

During the study, the authors visited the settlements, Pastavy, Kamai, Lyntupy, Luchaj, where organs are currently working, held meetings with priests and organists and recorded interviews with them; examined the organs, their condition, age, design features and recorded their sound. The history of nine Postavy organs is described, organists born in the Pastavy region are presented, organ music festivals are covered (2013, 2015-2017). To popularize organ culture in the region the tourist route “The Road to the King of Instruments” was developed.  It is planned to make a high-quality recording of organs with participation of local and well-known organists in the country, to publish a music CD “Sounds of the organs of the Pastavy region”, and to make a documentary.

Categories: Культура, Нацыя Беларусы

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