Siargei Paniznik:  Information to Issue 22 of the magazine “CULTURE, NATION”, November 2018, p. 93 – 115,  

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The magazine “Culture. Nation” is very grateful to the editorial board member, Sergey Paniznik for his valuable materials, supplemented by archival, unique pictures. In this issue we publish his notes “On the shore of life, on the bank of Dzvina” – about the international ecological expedition in 1988 organized by Vasily T. Yakavenka, novelist, publicist, public figure. The material harmoniously enriched with photos from the event. S. Paniznik also sent materials on the 180 anniversary of the birth of Kastus Kalinouski.
He provided as well a very touchy letter from Wolga Grytsuk he received 5 years ago, when W. Grytsuk celebrated her 90th anniversary. Now, S. Paniznik congratulates his compatriot, Mrs. W. Grytsuk with 95th anniversary. The magazine “Culture. Nation” joins to these congratulations wishing W. Grytsuk all the best, and attaches to the issue a copy of this letter. S. Paniznik sent other materials – to the 85th anniversary of Nina Jiansane, and to the 75th anniversary of the birth of the artist Valeryj Dzeviskiba.

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