Аleg Rudakou: About the presentation of the film “Benedict Dybovski. Secrets of the Sacred Sea” and A.Rudakov’s book “Essays, Stories and Tales of Belarusians of the Irkutsk Region” (abstracts) (magazine “CULTURE. NATION”, April 2020, issue 25, pp.124-127, http://www.sakavik.net)


The Irkutsk Belarusian club “Kryvichy” organized two presentations in March 2020: the film “Benedict Dybovski. Secrets of the Sacred Sea” (project “100 Names of Belarus”), and the book by A.Rudakov “Essays, Stories and Tales of Belarusians of the Irkutsk Region”. Benedict Dybowski was born in Belarus, near Molodechno, by the age of 30 he was famous professor of zoology at the University of Warsaw, participants of expeditions around the world; awards, recognition in the scientific community … He participated in the uprising of 1863, exiled to Siberia. He described many new species of crustaceans, hitherto unknown to science, and other living creatures of Lake Baikal. Book by A.Rudakov is the history of the resettlement of Belarusians in the Irkutsk region. Only according to the Stolypin reform (1906-1912) about 300 thousand Belarusians moved here. Today, about 50 thousand Belarusians live in the region. The Almanac presents the works of 22 authors. Most authors write about themselves and about their families. This publication is the first attempt to comprehend the contribution of the Belarusian people to the development of the Baikal region.

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