Abstract: Igar Prakapovich – Secrets of the Kazloushchyna Chapel (web-magazine “Kultura. Natsyja”, N26, December 2020, p.88-96, www.sakavik.net)

The author describes the chapel-tomb of the family of princes Drutski-Lubetski, which is located in the village of Kazloushchyna (Pastavy district) in the local Catholic cemetery. It was built in 1842-43 of rubble stone. In the floor of the central part of the chapel there is a closed hatch that leads to the crypt of the ground floor, which has 12 burial pits. On four of them there are plates with epitaphs, on which the surnames and dates of life and death are partially readable: Constance Sviatopolk-Mirskaya (1794-1865), Adelaide Sviatopolk-Mirskaya (Princess Drutskaya-Lubetskaya), Prince Ignatius Lubetsky (1809 – …), Mary of Snitki, Princess of Drutskaja-Lubetskaja (1810-1842). In Soviet times the chapel was abandoned and looted. Today the shrine has been renovated and operates as a small church. There are other burials in the cemetery associated with the Drutsky-Lubetsky family (in particular Rechitski). The author conducted a study of the life stories of the people buried in the chapel.

The author is looking for sponsors for the publication of the book “Drutskija-Lyubetskija. The famous family in Pastavy region” (about 120-130 pages) which mentions the following genera: Drutskija-Lyubetskija, Tyshkevichy, Vlasovskija, Sviatopolk-Mirskija, Lenskija and some others.

Categories: Гісторыя, Культура, Нацыя Беларусы

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