Paterson Franco Costa: Can we actually say that the Belarusian national identity is a weak one? (abstract) (web-magazine “Kultura. Natsyja”, issue 27, April 2021, p.58-78,

Paterson Franco Costa – Inter-semiotic Translation researcher, Federal University of Bahia (UFBA), Brazil.

This interdisciplinary study aims to analyze aspects behind the view shared by a considerable number of authors that Belarusian national identity is weak or even non-existent. The general aspects discussed are sociological, political and economic. On the sociological level, based on Robin Dunbar’s theory, human pragmatism and sociological limitations are pointed out as a possible cause of ignorance about countries, including Belarus. Concerning political issues, following Kwame Nkrumah’s thoughts, the apparent weakness of the Belarusian national discourse is considered in relation to the current authoritarian regime and its subserviency to the former metropolis. Regarding the economic sphere, based on Iryna Buhrova’s reflections as a starting point, dependency perpetrated by the regime as part of an imperialist-neocolonial agenda is problematized. In this context, with technical input from economics and engineering experts, it is pointed out that Belarus has great economic and energy potential if and when favorable political changes take place. Finally, the study leans towards the argument that identity and cultural issues frequently used to contest the existence and viability of the Belarusian nation come, from economic and political factors. Thus, directions are suggested to change this situation in the context of the 2020-2021 protests. Keywords: Belarus; Cultural Studies; National Identity; Decolonization.

Categories: Асьвета, Культура, Нацыя, Нацыя Беларусы

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