Ales Simakou: Belarusian-Indian Ties (webzine “Kultura. Natsyja”, issue 28, November 2021, 250-260,

This text was presented during the First Zaslauski Readings in 1989. This is a document relating to the late Soviet epoch which, according to the editors of several publications, does not correspond to usual forms but demonstrates relevance to our present time. This is the second work of research relative to Belarusian-First Nations ties following the author’s initial one in 1984; it carries with it a more solid review. The content is made up of an introduction, conclusion and five chapters under given themes: 1) Information (an attempt to bring out the most distinctive publications and other sources containing reports of Belarusian information, including sources written in Belarusian, about First Nations groups – about their poverty throughout the centuries. 2) Specific activities of First Nations groups. 3) Contacts (noted as most important ones among relatively few discovered up to 1989. 4) The influence (notably of First Nations groups on Belarusians’ material culture and worldview). 5) Comparative studies (prerequisites of Belarusian-First Nations cordial relations based on common values). This text differs from the original type-written one only in technical typographic defects and orthography. Several controversial or incorrectly formed places are covered by commentaries in the 2021 version.

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Categories: Асьвета, Зьнешнія адносіны, Культура, Праект "РАЗАМ"

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